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Titanium Frameworks

Lightweight for outstanding patient comfort (over 35% lighter than chrome castings and more than four times lighter than gold alloys), titanium features high strength and rigidity comparable with other noble or high noble dental alloys.
And, it’s totally biocompatible and has excellent corrosion resistance so there are no allergic patient reactions. Titanium also offers low thermal conductivity (no hot or cold temperature shock) and has no metallic taste for even better patient compliance.

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IPS E.Max Press

The groundbreaking IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) offers outstanding fit, form and operation along with the high power of 500 MPa. The material is supplied in four levels of translucency and two sizes. The end result leaves us with restorations that show authentic esthetics, separate of the shade of the preparations.

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Lava (3M EPSE)

All ceramic crowns and bridges are an excellent long term aesthetic solution for patients.
• High stability and precise fit
• Excellent long term natural aesthetics
• Biocompatibility

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Bruxzir Solid Anterior

BruxZir® Anterior is the latest advancement in the BruxZir Solid Zirconia product line. This highly esthetic restorative material is designed specifically to satisfy the esthetic and functional requirements of the anterior region of the mouth.

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Sagemax NexxZr T


NexxZr T was the industry-pushing translucent zirconia introduced in 2011 and is what Sagemax was founded on. With a translucency factor of >34 1-CR% (1.0mm) you will see excellent results.

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Custom Abutments Titanium or Zirconia

As implant therapy persist to develop its role and reputation as a treatment option for replacing missing teeth, doctors are dedicating an opulent amount of time and resources toward simplifying clinical methodology and bettering clinical outcomes.

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